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Ernie Benton

Earnest "Ernie" Benton was born and raised in Chicago, IL.  He has been actively involved in artistic activities since 
early childhood.  He is a self-taught artist who started making sketches with pencils at a very young age.  His interest 
in drawing, sketching,  and painting grew tremendously during his early school years.  As his talent developed he put 
it to use for school plays, art contest and competitions, and generally wherever there was an opportunity for his artistic creativity.  
Through the years, Ernie has worked to develop his distinctive artistic style and craft producing several notable pieces, some by 
special request for private auctions and individuals.  He has competed in and won many art competitions and has been juried into 
many shows, exhibitions and festivals. Because of his belief that art is the heart of community, he thrives to participate in 
public art projects and art education programs for children. 

In the early '90s, Ernie moved to the mid-Atlantic area.  It was there he rediscovered an interest and new love 
in his art.  His mediums of choice are acrylics and pastels.  Many of his pieces are evocative of the great Picasso in geometry and form, 
yet display a truly unique approach.  The colors and mood of each piece gives the beholder a sense of wholeness, grace, insightfulness, and peace.  
To Ernie, art is essential to the human experience.  A basic understanding and appreciation of the arts serves to broaden character 
and deepen the connections with those in our social circles (A Passion for Jazz!, 2007).   

Ernie and his wife now reside in North Texas and he continues to pursue his artistic endeavors.  Ernie is actively involved 
in local art activities, public art projects, and participates in selective art festivals and private and public art exhibitions. 

Ernie's paintings are highly collected and hang in fine homes and private collections across the United States including 
California, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, West Virginia, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, New York,
Kansas, Washington, D.C., North Carolina, and in the collection of Northlake College in Irving, Texas.

Past & Current Artist Affiliations

African American Visual Arts Association, Baltimore, MD 2005
Associated Creative Artists, Dallas, TX 2004 - 2006
The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Dallas, TX 2003 - 2005
Irving Art Association, Irving, TX since 2003
Irving Arts Center, Irving, TX since 2003
Pastel Society of the South West, Dallas, TX 2003 - 2007
Plano Art Association, Plano, TX 2004 - 2006, 2011
Texas Artist Coalition, Fort Worth, TX since 2005
The Art House at the Jones Center, Austin, TX 2005
Visual Arts Coalition of Dallas, TX 2004 - 2006
Visual Arts Society of Texas, Denton, TX since 2004
Texas Visual Arts Association Dallas, TX since 2007

Solo Exhibitions 
North Lake College Solo Exhibition - Irving, TX - 2007
The Blues & Jazz Experience Art Exhibition Two Artist Exhibition 
Irving Arts Center - Irving, TX - April - Sept 2008
55 Degrees Wine Bar & Bistro - Plano, TX - Feb 28, 2009
Barnes and Nobles Book Sellers - Denton, Texas - 2008
Farmers Branch Manske Library Gallery - Framers Branch, TX - 2007,  2009, 2011
Marshall Motors - Dallas, TX - Oct 2009
Buttons Restaurant - Fort Worth, TX     - Nov 21, 2009 - Feb 28, 2010

Festivals & Events

Addison ArtFest  Addison, TX, 2007
African Festival of the Arts, Chicago, IL, 2009 - 2011
Allen USA Celebration Allen, TX  2006
Alpharetta, GA StreetFest, 2008
Art & Air Festival, Saint Louis, MO, 2007, 2011
Art Afaire, Fort Worth, TX 2009
ArtFest Fair Park Dallas, TX 2008, 2009, 2010
Autumn & Art at Bradley Fair, Wichita, KS, 2010, 2011
Arts Goggle, Fort Worth, TX  2009, 2010
AVAA 34th Annual Regional Juried Show, Arlington, TX, 2010
Champions of Literacy Auction  Dallas, TX 2005
City of Denton Public Art Project Denton, Texas 2011 Cottonwood Art Festival Richardson, TX 2008
Dallas CityArts Festival Dallas, TX 2006, 2007 - 2009
Deep Ellum Art Park Public Art Project, Dallas, TX  2009
Denton Arts & Jazz Festival Denton, TX 2007 - 2009, 2010
Festival in the Park, Charlotte, NC  2009
Fort Worth Music Festival 2011 Frisco Arts Festival, Frisco, TX  2009
GrapeFest, Grapevine, TX 2008
Huffhines Art Trails Richardson, TX 2008
IAC Art In The Garden, Irving, TX 2006
Irving Heritage Festival, Irving, TX 2005
Jazz By The Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX  2006- 2009
Lakewood Summer Arts Faire, Dallas, TX 2006, 2008
National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta, GA  2009 - 2011
Paul Quinn College Benefit, Dallas, TX 2009
Potter's House International Festival, Dallas, TX  2006
Preservation is the Art of the City, Fort Worth, TX 2009, 2011

Group Exhibitions

Artist's Showplace Associates Show  2005
Artist's Showplace Gallery Juried Exhibition  2005, 2006
Artscape Plano, TX  2004
Associated Creative Artist Annual Award Show 2005
Bank of America BHM Art Expo  2003-2005
DAF Productions Art Exhibition  1994
Dallas Symphony African American Concert Festival Dallas, TX 2007, 2008
Fort Worth CAC 9" x 12" Works on Paper Exhibition 2008
Fort Worth CAC Biennial Exhibition 2008, 2009
FWCAC Biennial: 39 Hour Exhibition  2004, 2006
FWCAC Extended Show 2006
Grand Prairie Arts Council Juried Art Exhibit  2004 - 2008, 2011
IAC - Art Connection Members Show 2004-2006
IAC New Talent Gallery 2005
ICTN "Visual Embrace" Solo Show 2005
Irving Art Assoc.  Annual Members Juried Show 2004-2006 - 2009
Irving Art Assoc. Annual Wildlife Juried Show 2005-2006
Irving Art Assoc. Winners Exhibition 2006
Irving Black Arts Council "Boundless Expressions" 2007
PCPC Arts Festival Dallas, TX 2007
Plano Art Association "Beauty of Nature Show"  2005
Plano Art Association "Walk On The Wild Side" 2006
Plano Art Association Members Show 2004 - 2005
Sprint Arts and Crafts Festival in Northern Virginia 1993, 1996
Studio 2600 "Swells & Curves" Dallas, TX 2007
Texas & Neighbors Regional Juried Exhibition 2006
Texas Visual Arts Association (TVAA) New Members Exhibition Dallas, 2008
TVAA  Digital Art Show Dallas, TX2008
TVAA 60th Members Exhibition 2007
Up and Coming Artists of Metro D.C.  1996
Verizon BHM Art Connection  2003-2004, 2007
Visual Arts Society of Texas "Art and Poetry" Exhibit Denton, TX 2008, 2010, 2011
Visual Arts Society of Texas Connections Exhibit Dallas, Texas 2008
Washington D.C. Urban League  1997
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