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Meeting Buddy Guy

Meeting and talking with a "Living Legend" happens on the rare occasion. On a hot and sizzling evening in late August, Ernie had the pleasure in meeting and talking to the legendary blues artist, Buddy Guy at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, TX. Not only did Ernie meet and talk with Buddy prior to the concert, he also presented Buddy with an original acrylic painting commemorating Buddy's 71st birthday. The painting hangs in Buddy's Chicago Blues club, "Legends."

This painting is the first in a series of works in the "The Blues /Jazz Experience" exhibition in collaboration with friend and fellow artist Daggi Wallace (www.daggistudio.com). Scroll down for more information about this noteworthy exhibition.

 Buddy Guy and Ernie presenting commemorative painting
 Blues Legend - Buddy Guy Painting by Ernie
 Ernie backstage with Buddy Guy at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, TX

Artistic Voices Salon Presents
A Passion for Art --The Blues /Jazz Experience

 Music and all Art is an essential part of the "human experience." A basic understanding and appreciation of Music (and Art) can only serve to broaden ones character and deepen the connection with those around us. (A Passion for Jazz, 2007)

A Passion for Art --The Blues /Jazz Experience, is presented by Artistic Voices Salon features the original art of Daggi Wallace and Earnest "Ernie "Benton. This exhibition is a visual experience furthering the knowledge, enjoyment and preservation of Blues and Jazz. The works in the exhibit represents the artists' passion for Blues and Jazz, and is designed to make a personal statement for music and art education, and the preservation and support of Blues and Jazz music.

The exhibition features paintings expressing the artists' visions of the Blues and Jazz experiences with an emphasis on movement, textures, colors and the visual depiction of the musicians that create the music and the sounds that embrace the rhythms of Blues and Jazz. This exhibit is intended to be a dynamic creation incorporating music and art in a cohesive presentation that immortalizes, through visual art, those significant contributors to these music genres. It is intended to pay homage to the music that has influenced these two visual artists and has imprinted the story of a people, a nation and the world indelibly on the annals of music history.

The Art
The artists have produced a series of paintings using various media that will be exhibited in an integrated fashion to reveal the contrasts and similarities of the artists styles and approaches in composition, perception, perspective and structure. Shown with each painting is the artists statements elaborating on the inspiration and source of the work. This is intended to initiate dialog and interest that will broaden the viewers knowledge of the subject matter.

Educational Enrichment
Music and Art are essential to the human experience. A basic understanding and appreciation of Music serves to broaden character and deepen the connections with those in our social circles (A Passion for Jazz!™ 2007). Tighter budgets are forcing public schools to cut back, and music and art are one of the hardest hit areas. This exhibit is an opportunity to inform, educate, and ignite the interest of students and music and art lovers.

By creating paintings that depict the sound and flavor of Blues and Jazz, the artists hope that in some small way, they are contributing to the preservation of the unique offerings of these music genres. This exhibit will document that uniqueness by depicting performers from local and regional entertainers to internationally known legends performing in venues from Louisiana and Chicago to New York and Japan, in realistic settings and abstract creations.

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